Invasive Species Rule

Since 2009, the Invasive Species Rule* has established consistent regulations for harmful invasive species across the state.  The rule helps citizens learn to identify and minimize the spread of plants, animals and diseases that can invade our lands and waters and cause significant damage.With few exceptions, it is now illegal to sell, transport or introduce regulated invasive species.  More information and lists of current regulated species can be found on the DNR’s Invasive Species Rule webpage.

Species Assessment Group (SAG) Process (updated December 2018)

The Council periodically convenes Species Assessment Groups (SAGs), to review and assess species and make recommendations for which species should be included in Wisconsin’s Invasive Species Rule – Ch. NR 40.

2019-2021 SAG Process Timeline

* Resulting from legislative direction in Wisconsin State Statute 23.22, Wisconsin’s Invasive Species Identification, Classification and Control Rule (ch. NR 40) was signed into effect on September 1, 2009.  On October 28, 2009, Act 55  ensured consistent regulation of the transportation of invasive species by amending sections of Wisconsin state statute chapters 233066287, and 345.