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Strategic Plan

Wisconsin's Strategic Plan

The Wisconsin Invasive Species Council met on May 17, 2011 to lay out their vision for managing invasive species across the state. They decided to begin drafting a plan that reaches across state agencies, develops cost-effective approaches, and minimizes the number of additional invasive species introduced into Wisconsin.

After numerous discussions and wide-ranging stakeholder input, the Council released the finalized plan on April 2, 2013. Click on the image below to read the plan, "Looking forward: A statewide strategic plan for invasive species."

Full Plan (1.8 MB)                     Executive Summary (0.3 MB)

         Strategic Plan cover               

Open a higher resolution (18 MB) copy for printing here: Strategic Plan

Open a higher resolution (4.4 MB) copy for printing here: Executive Summary

Appendices to the plan: Economics, Prevention, Early Detection, Rapid Response, and Control were addressed at the 2011-2012 Council meetings by using each meeting as a topic work day. Each topic began with presentations to help frame the issue and describe the current capacity and efforts taking place in Wisconsin. A facilitated roundtable followed that was used to answer questions, identify linkages, and articulate short term strategies included in the strategic plan. These discussions are further outlined in appendices to the full plan.

Prevention  ~  Detection   ~  Rapid Response   ~  Control  ~   Economics


Use and intended audience for the plan: This plan is not intended to replace existing project or species specific plans. It provides an overarching strategy and draws recommendations from these plans for areas that require additional resources. The statewide plan identifies common themes and areas of common interest where increased cooperation can help achieve strategic goals. The plan helps present the business case for invasive species prevention and control and can now be shared with leaders, decision makers, and natural resource user groups.

Presentations and notes from discussion sessions:

  • Rapid Resonse
  • Early Detection
  • Economics
  • Prevention

  • Horizontal Line
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